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Ravang Company was established in 2011 to supply saffron to Iranian packaging companies. Expanding the services in 2015, the company developed saffron processing and packaging facilities. Since then, Ravang Company has been providing high-quality saffron with standard packaging to the global market. Nowadays, Ravang Company is vividly distinguished from its counterparts for the provision of custom products and high-quality services.
Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world sold by the gram. The beautiful violet crocus flowers have three colorful stigmas with a distinctive aroma and inimitable flavor used for nutritious, medicinal and industrial purposes.
The continuous and precise process of quality control in this company aims to fulfill quality requirements defined by national and international standards. Ravang Company can guarantee the originality and quality of saffron requested by the customers using specialized laboratories. Ravang Company accepts the return of any purchased product in case of non-compliance with the standards. 
Processing, grading, and packaging of saffron are performed using modern sorting and packaging systems, fully consistent with international food standards under the supervision of expert staff. Ravang offers custom saffron packaging service with the weight range of 1 gram to bulk packaging of 1 Kg based on the needs of the market and customers.

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  • Customer Support
    Customer Support

    Ravang’s customer service phone number is +985133380000 and you can call that number 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Free Shipping
    Free Shipping

    Free Shipping by Ravang is available for the purchases above 1500000 Rials.

  • Payment

    Payment can be made through Saman payment gateway with Shetab cards.

  • Guaranteed Delivery
    Guaranteed Delivery

    Ravang Guaranteed Delivery guarantees the delivery dates and quality of products.